ZMI ZI7 Alkaline Battery AAA 10pcs
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ZMI ZI7 Alkaline Battery AAA LR03 1.5V Rainbow 7 (10pcs)
Buy Xiaomi ZMI Zi7 Alkaline Battery AAA LR03 1.5V Rainbow 7 10 pieces at the best price in Bangladesh from our shop. When you see the rainbow battery at first glance, you will immediately fall in love with it! This kind of brilliant color has re-given life to the cold battery Lifeforce. Now, you can distinguish between old and new batteries by color, and also You can match different colors for different electrical appliances according to your preferences. The High-Quality Hitachi Maxell battery core makes it more durable and safe. You can use it without any worry. These non-rechargeable AAA batteries are redesigned from the inside out so that the most familiar little things can also be reflected in your love for life everywhere. Xiaomi ZMI Zi7 batteries are useable for children’s toys, computer mice, TV, air conditioner, remote control, etc. It has Maxell supervised battery core which gives the batteries long-lasting power. These alkaline AAA batteries don’t have any mercury and no cadmium. These are environmental protection batteries, with no recording temperature.
- Rainbow colors: choose the color according to users’ taste and mood
- Improved anti-corrosion components and new zinc composition resulting in a 7-years anti-leakage shelf life
- Steel stretching technical: increases capacity without extra volume
- Low self-discharge: can store for 7 years yet still be used
- Environmentally friendly: reduce waste to the mother nature
- With a storage casing so that you can keep them, extremely convenient and easy to bring around during the trip
- Works with a variety of devices including digital cameras, game controllers, toys, and clocks
- High capacity and low self-discharge, 7 years extended shelf life
- A high-performance cell is supervised by Hitachi Maxell
- Multiple safety protection avoids liquid leakage
- Green energy, mercury-free and cadmium-free
- Frosted battery storage case

- Battery Size: AAA
- Colors: rainbow
- Battery Type: Alkaline
- Rechargeable: No
- Protected: No
- Voltage(V): 1.5V
- Built-in Protected Circuit: Yes
- Short Circuit Protection: Yes

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