ELLE DECOR Lotus Elle Latex Mattress Emilie Royale - 180x200x25cm
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Elle Firmo Foam Base: Quality foam base through advanced production technology that is friendly to nature, giving a perfect firm feeling. It can support the weight and return very well without losing the molecular shape of the foam texture, with high resolution but still effective. The picture is well ventilated. With the structure of micro-porous foam throughout the foam texture combined with Zoned Comfort innovation that is grooved into zones to support the weight of each zone more efficiently.
Organic Latex: 100% natural latex through advanced production technology processes Create molecules of foam rubber to have an Open Cell structure, causing small pores like a honeycomb from Belgium. Helps increase the efficiency of the air circulation system within the rubber foam texture, balancing the temperature to suit the body. therefore giving a cool feeling to the touch Soft fragrance from natural rubber helps to create a peaceful rest. Free from bacteria and dust mites that cause allergies. It also offers a feeling of ergonomic support. The perfect body aligns the spine according to ergonomics like a natural touch that embraces the body. Relax every night
Relief Pad Topper: Relief Pad foam helps relax and reduce pressure on the back. with a convoluted surface that relieves stress at specific points as well enhance the efficiency of complete relaxation
Elle HD Performance Foam: Highly reflective foam, soft, firm touch helps distribute weight. and helps to support the body perfectly
Anti-Pressure System: The system helps reduce pressure on the body. A special technique that combines Elle HD Performance Foam with Conjugate hollo fill ll fibers to increase weight distribution efficiency by 200%, helping the blood circulation system to be smooth. Reduce beriberi and fatigue throughout the night of relaxation.
Elle Velvet Velor: velvet mattress cover, soft touch, does not cause skin irritation. imported from france
Anti Skid: The mattress movement prevention system keeps the mattress in the correct position, not moving. Fall out of position when moving.
Coatings for health: Skin-Soothing Coating: treatment for mattress coating with natural substances. Permanently prevents the growth of dust mites. and completely inhibit the accumulation of bacteria which is the cause of allergies
Ventilation System: Endless Active Airflow: Continuous automatic ventilation system that operates through compressed air. and turn from the body in every posture of sleep through a well-ventilated
structured material layer
Thickness: 10.5 inches

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