MiJia Smart Water Dispenser C1
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The Mi Smart Water Dispenser C1 Is A High-Tech Water Dispenser That Offers A Convenient And Efficient Way To Access Clean Drinking Water. It Features A Compact And Sleek Design That Fits Perfectly In Any Home Or Office Setting. The Dispenser Is Equipped With A 4-Stage RO Filtration System That Removes Impurities, Bacteria, And Viruses From The Water, Ensuring That You Get Clean And Safe Drinking Water Every Time.
The Mi Smart Water Dispenser C1 Comes With A 3.5-Liter Water Tank That Can Be Easily Refilled, And It Also Has A Hot Water Tank That Can Hold Up To 1.2 Liters Of Water. The Hot Water Tank Is Capable Of Heating Water Up To 95°C, Making It Perfect For Making Tea, Coffee, Or Other Hot Beverages. The Dispenser Also Has A Child Lock Feature That Prevents Accidental Burns Or Spills.
The Mi Smart Water Dispenser C1 Is Equipped With A Smart Touch Panel That Allows You To Control The Temperature Of The Water, Switch Between Hot And Cold Water, And Turn On Or Off The Dispenser. The Touch Panel Also Displays The Water Temperature And The Filter Life, Making It Easy To Monitor The Performance Of The Dispenser.
The Mi Smart Water Dispenser C1 Is Designed To Be Energy-Efficient, With A Standby Mode That Reduces Power Consumption When The Dispenser Is Not In Use. It Also Has A Self-Cleaning Function That Automatically Cleans The Water Tank And The Pipes, Ensuring That The Water Remains Fresh And Clean.
Overall, The Mi Smart Water Dispenser C1 Is A Great Investment For Anyone Who Wants To Have Access To Clean And Safe Drinking Water At Home Or In The Office. Its Advanced Filtration System, Smart Touch Panel, And Energy-Efficient Design Make It A Top-Of-The-Line Water Dispenser That Is Both Convenient And Practical.
Product Details Of Xiaomi Mi Water Dispenser C1 2.5L Instant Heating Hot Water Dispenser – Water Bar | Baby | Milk Tea | Heater Drinking [ Aihome ]
- 3s Fast Heating, 360 Degree Heating Technology, Convenient Water Drinking Way.
- 2.5L Large Capacity Is Suitable For 2-3 Persons Use.
- 3-Level Water Temperature Adjustment
- Desktop Convenient Design Without Complicate Installation
- One-Button Touching To Choose The Warm Temperature You Need.
- Cup Volume Memory
- Adopts Food Graded Material, High Security And Durability

- 1x Instant Water Dispenser Host
- 1x Water Tank
- 1x Stagnant Water Plate
- 1x Manual

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